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Weekend Getaways – Blue Mountain Resort and the Westin Trillium House

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Mother and kids in Collingwood village at night

Westin Trillium House-Blue Mountain Resort

It takes about two hours o drive from downtown Toronto to Blue Mountain Resort and it is completely worth it. As we checked into the Westin Trillium Housewe were amazed by the small village feel of the Blue Mountain resort. After checking into our beautiful room we headed straight to Activity Central to rent our equipment for the day, luckily that didn’t take too long however watch out as on Sundays you could end up waiting for three hours!

Snowboarder and Alpine Skier in Blue Mountaint

Panoramic View from the top of the Blue Mountain

After riding the hills for a few hours we went to the Westin Trillium house for lunch. And after we relaxed for a little, we were itching to get back to the slopes. A quick tip for first timers; if you are not concerned with riding certain runs, instead of taking the lifts where everyone is, try taking a short – and I mean really short – walk to another lift.

Three generations hitting the slopes.


Learning to Snowboard in Blue Mountain Ski Resort

Learning how to snowboard at the south base camp and Burton’s Riglet Park, a great place for beginners to develop their skills. I would even recommend that you ride it once or twice just to make sure that all of your straps and equipment is in place.

Beginners Lessons in Blue Mountain Ski Resort. There are many different options regarding lessons and they all are great fun.



Outdoor swimming Pool in Westin Trillium Hotel at Blue Mountain Resort





The outdoor hot tub is by far one of the coolest things at the Westin, you can bathe in a hot tub while there is snow falling around you and it is minus five outside.

Outside is -4C

After some persuasion Granddad finally agreed to try it, not long after we were trying to convince him to get out!


Grandpa going into hot tub, Westin Trillium Ski Resort

Grandpa decided to use hot tub





Walking on the snow after hot tub experience in Westin Trillium.    After a dip in the pool, we dared each other to go into the snow!

After standing in the snow for about ten seconds I felt cold enough to get back in.

barefoot run on the snow

Outside is -4 C. Feels great!

After standing in the snow for about ten seconds I felt cold enough to get back in.

Fun on the snow

Relaxing in the hot tub

Life is Beautiful!



Enjoying life at Blue Mountain Resort






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