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In our Caribbean Gifts shop you will find a great variety of Gifts from Caribbean islands – different t-shirts, hats and beach bags and a few items for the household – kitchen towels, mugs, fridge magnets designed based on the images of beautiful Caribbean Islands: St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten / St. Martin. We also have a beautiful silk scarf made of 100% mulberry silk, its design based on the sailing theme of St. Maarten Regatta.

Our t-shirts are designed for hot days and made of 100% light cotton which is breathable and at the same time protects from blazing sun. Our designs are simple and at the same time sophisticated: with sailing boats and regattas in mind we offer the range of color – white, different navy hues and mint for men and women.


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About the Author Igor Kravtchenko MBA, LPPO - His love to photography and passion to travel made him quit the engineering job and start own business years ago. He developed his photographic skills through Ryerson University and Professional Photographers Association of Canada. Igor participates in numerous exhibitions and competitions in Canada and Internationally. He received the Travel Photographer of the Year 2004 award from Caribbean Tourism Organization; Major Award of the Province of Ontario for 2004; his images were included in National Loan Collection of Canada and NAC Group International Loan Collection. Igor travelled in over twenty countries and his images were published in various travel magazines and newspapers...

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Caribbean Islands Fridge Magnets

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Our Collectible Fridge Magnets made from the real photos of the beautiful scenic places around Caribbean - beaches, mountains, landmarks... if you are looking for a small gift to remind someone about great times spent in one of these beautiful locations - just let us know and we'll mail one of the magnets to the address provided!

Diamond Painting

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This creative art is using the idea similar to "paint by numbers". The difference is that you are using the acrylic (in our sets) square drills size about 2.5 mm. We choose square shape since compare to round ones they give more complete image and color. Our diamond paintings come in size of 40 cm x 60 cm (or about 15.8" x 23.6"). After I have finished my diamond painting of "Philipsburg" I share here different tips and technique that I learned from the project. It took me a month to complete this beautiful painting... You will need to allocate the clear, flat surface that you will be using for the period of time to assemble your diamond painting - it should be big enough to have room for tools and supplies. Coffee table or some kind board that you place in the quiet area that does not need to be moved and will not disrupt the daily activities. Open the box and put the contents on the table. You will find: rolled in canvas - it has sticky surface covered by plastic film; a bag with diamond drills sorted by type and numbered; two strips of glue (pink); two hand tools and two trays. There is also a list with numbers / types of the drills as they apply to your project. If you find that your canvas has too many creases - put a few books over for the night or let it sit on the table for a day in the warm place - the canvas will get flat.

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