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Our Climate Quest: Until April 9 at the Ontario Science Centre!

Ontario Science Centre - Climate Change Exhibit


 Introducing Our Climate Quest –  a new exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre, on until April 9 2024. 

In this new and amazing exhibit, we get to learn about climate, weather patterns and their effect on our daily lives. Through hands-on games and activities, visitors get to really experience, relate to and learn about the effects of Climate Change. 

Visitors get to expand their current understanding of climate change and its impact through observations, historical data and Indigenous knowledge. Visitors explore how we shop, eat and live in dozens of interactive exhibits.

In a very hands on exhibit, visitors can build and test sustainable solutions that can make a difference. As well as reflect on how we connect to nature and each other, and hear real stories from real people taking climate action across Canada. The exhibit – while aimed at the younger generation – is still quite informative and interesting for adults. The exhibit is information packed and really provides a great starting point for anyone wishing to learn more about climate, and the effects that it has on our day to day lives.

Things like which trees are native to which lands – and how their growth can affect the climate, or learning about the difference between climate and weather are all things that visitors get to explore in this new interactive exhibit. 



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