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Coronation Time! – Eat like British Royal with these dishes!

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London Royal Palace Tea

The festivities are just beginning in the UK and across the commonwealth as the Royal Coronation approaches. Recently they announced what dishes will be on the menu -and It’s quite an amazing menu! Let’s take a look at what a Royal Family Coronation Menu will look like!

British cuisine is known for its roster of talented chefs, amazing restaurants and of course afternoon teas.  King Charles III is an avid supporter of biodiversity and sustainable food, his Majesty attends events that promote British and Northern Irish food, and has spoken to support the “slow food movement” and other British Food initiatives. The menu for the coronation reflects this support.

On May 7, 2023, the official Royal Coronation Weekend event is the Coronation Big Lunch. As part of this historic occasion, events and lunches will continue across the UK, bringing neighbors, communities, and the nation together in celebration and friendship.

Afternoon tea…

Royal Dishes – For a Royal Family Coronation…

A Lemon Swiss Roll and Amaretti trifle was delegated as the champ of the Platinum Pudding rivalry in 2022. The trifle is a celebratory dessert that comes from Jemma in Southport. It has a swiss roll with lemon curd and St. Clement’s jelly on it, as well as amaretti biscuits with custard, mandarin coulis, and chocolate bark on top. Check out the recipe for Platinum Pudding on the Royal website.

The Victoria Sponge – named after Queen Victoria because she liked to eat a slice of sponge cake with her afternoon tea on a regular basis. Victoria sponge is included in afternoon teas all over Britain and is often served at royal events. This traditional recipe is shared by the pastry chefs at Buckingham Palace!

Le Cordon Bleu Chef Rosemary Hume created Coronation Chicken in 1953 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation lunch. A classic British dish that goes well with any picnic. It can add flavor to a plain salad or make a delicious sandwich filling. It combines chicken with a hint of curry flavoring to honor international ties.

Food tours:

On food tours all over Britain, eat like a king or queen and take in the best of local produce as well as the warmth and hospitality of food producers, shops, and suppliers. A Royal Windsor tour includes the castle, tea rooms, shopping malls, and connections to the Royal family. Windsor is a great place to visit any time in 2023 to feel the buzz of the Royal celebrations, which will continue after the Coronation. Over the weekend of the coronation, this is where many concerts will take place. Take food tours with interesting locals in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, and Brighton, among other places.

There is such a huge amount to offer the guest hoping to live and eat like an imperial, remembering for Illustrious domains, and we have picked only a couple of models underneath.

Cardigan Castle is in Ceredigion, Wales. It was Edward I’s and Katherine of Aragon’s home, and it is now a historical site open to the public. Cegin 1176 is a very popular restaurant . Actually, its spelled “Kitchen 1176” in English. Cegin 1176 is a sleek, modern eatery with floor-to-ceiling glass panels that look out over the grounds, in contrast to the castle’s appealingly ancient stone exterior. The herbs, fruits, and vegetables grow in the castle garden – that way always fresh when they are used in the kitchen!

For more information about Royal attractions and the Coronation, see the links below.

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