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Summer Market

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Summer flowers bouquets at St. Jacobs Farmers Market -rich colours, sweet smells and variety of shapes!

Just a note – at the end there is short story for you – so make sure to read it!

…It’s August already – summer days are getting shorter, telling us that hot afternoons soon to be a memory… This summer we spent most of our time in town, so a market outing is a real treat for those who love to travel and see new places. Even with all the safety measures in place, this market is still a fun place to visit! Bring home some colour from this stand with beautiful flowers and vegetables…

Eggplant International Variety at St. Jacobs Farmers Market - many different colours shares and tastes!
Eggplant International Variety at St. Jacobs Farmers Market

What a variety of fresh vegetables, berries and fruits – I never new about “International Eggplants”  – look at all these shapes and colours! We got a few types of potatoes – let’s cook them in one pot and have fun tasting them!

Root Vegetables on display at St. Jacobs Farmers Market - colourful beets!
Root Vegetables on display at St. Jacobs Farmers Market

Zucchini, carrots, onions and local watermelons – all these fruits and vegetables are local grown on the neighboring farms, so don’t wait, come to the summer market! And don’t forget – I’ve posted some useful links below.

And, also, here is a story for you – “fresh from the summer market”!

Carrots on display at St. Jacobs Farmers Market
Carrots on display at St. Jacobs Farmers Market

…”One sunny morning Paisley the Parsnip went on a ride to the market. She was running away from Frank the Farmer’s special soup! She wanted to get to the market to save her Parsnip friends because Frank might eat them too!

Paisley wanted to ride Nelly the Turtle due to her carsickness. Paisley found Nelly eating some grubs. “Nelly! Can you be a super-duper friend?” asked Paisley. “Of Course!” “I need you to give me a ride to the market…” Said Paisley. “The market is 10 minutes away and I will leave in 2 minutes.” – said Nelly.

In 2 minutes Paisley was ready with her purse and sunglasses. After a few minutes Nelly and Paisley came across Ollie the onion. Ollie said “ Hi Girls! I’m on my way to Gary” -(Gary was the local Garlic) “ we’re about to have tea, if you all would like to join, we will be happy!” “Oh no! We can’t do that – we are going to the market to save my friends from going into Frank’s special soup!” – said Paisley. “Good Luck!” – said Ollie while the friends parted. Towards the market entrance they saw Frank’s truck parked at the gates. Nelly said to Paisley: “ Frank’s truck is here!”  “ Oh, no! He probably has my friends already!” When the two friends came to the parsnip table they saw Polly, Patrick, Petunia and Paul giggling on the floor under the counter. Paisley was confused… Then her friends told her that they got a job as display and didn’t need to be saved! An they had so much fun because they were on break!

After a long day Paisley the Parsnip, her friend Nelly the turtle and “parsnip table” friends went to Gary’s place for a nice cup of tea! How nice to enjoy a quite summer evening after a busy day at the market!…”

And here are the links: Farmers Market in St. Jacobs; some useful shopping for all sorts stuff useful “Bygone Reflections” and map of the area Waterloo – Kitchener

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