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KAYAK ON THE BAY, praslin Island, St. Lucia

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Kayak on the Bay, Praslin Island, St. Lucia
“Kayak on the Bay” St. Lucia

Praslin Island

As a seasoned traveler I am not new to St. Lucia, and sure know all the interesting places and fun things to do… That is what I thought until few weeks ago when I met Marva from “Kayak on the Bay”, she offered the trip to Praslin Island… on kayaks! Just the idea of being out in the sea and enjoying the calm style of kayaking, the taste of promised lunch on the beach and the spectacular views of the place made me book a trip for Sunday morning…

St. Lucia, Praslin Island

The tranquil Village of Praslin is nestled between two districts Dennery and Micoud on the East Coast of St Lucia. As the gateway to some of Saint Lucia’s rarest indigenous nature, Praslin is an idyllic rural quarter populated with several small fishing settlements along spectacular Praslin Bay. Here one will find many excellent examples of the traditional and highly distinctive Saint Lucian fishing boats, which are still crafted by hand in many villages. Praslin Island and the Fregate Islands are pristine nature reserves, where unique species such as the boldly colored Blue Whiptail lizard make their homes. For a slightly tamer presentation of native flora and fauna don’t forget to visit the manicured Mamiku Gardens that date all the way back to 1766. The gardens are part of the Mamiku Estate, once the home of the Baron de Micoud, a former Governor of Saint Lucia. The estate still operates today as a banana and flower plantation. Praslin village was originally named “Les Trois Islet” and was renamed in 1780 to honor the Minister of the Navy to Louis XV, the Duc de Praslin. 

Kayaking around Praslin Island

St. Lucia, Praslin Island, Kayak on the Bay tour

In this old canoe fishing village, where practices are still being kept “Kayak on the Bay” offers you the pleasure of enjoying a lush private beach located on an Islet with the option to kayak to or from, to enjoy nautical activities and to bask in the sun while a beach barbeque is prepared for you. Upon arrival on the property of “Kayak on the Bay” you are greeted by your wonderful host Marva along with the tour guides.

St. Lucia, Praslin Nature Reserve

A great variety of local tropical fruits and a small backyard garden with some of the herbs used to prepare meals for the journey surround the property. As always, a short note on the safety regulations and a description of what the tour entails before embarking on the trip. 

St. Lucia, Kayaking to Praslin Island

The Bay is truly majestic – with a sand bank that runs down from the middle to the top of the bay and a beautiful reef which creates the calming effect… Abundant sea life is found along the reef, which continues to a join the Irish Moss farms. Upon arrival on the Praslin Island, a tour guide takes you  on a short hike to the top of the Island to enjoy the views and to spot some of the birds, so bring a camera to later share your wows with friends…

Hiking on Praslin Island

St. Lucia, hiking on Praslin Island

While you are out on the hike the Island lunch is prepared for you: fresh grilled fish and chicken with green banana salad (green bananas, veggies and codfish), cheesy potatoes, sweet corn and fresh garden salad served with fresh local fruit juice, beer or wine… 

Lunch on the beach…. Praslin Island, St. Lucia

After lunch you enjoy the beach and the scenic topography of the Praslin village. Being on that small remote Island really gives you the sense of your very own hide away.

Plaslin Island – Irish Moss drink

Before heading back to the property you are guided to the Irish Moss farm which lies to the opposite end of the reef. Out of curiosity I searched about the Irish Moss: “…the human body is made up of 102 minerals and Irish Moss contains a whopping 92 of them. It also provides a wealth of other important nutrients including; protein, beta-carotene, B vitamins, pectin, vitamin C and sulphur”… there are way more interesting facts about it! Amazing, I have to get this drink when we come back!

St. Lucia Praslin, Irish Moss Farm

Later we disembark for a 10 minute hike along the coast to catch one of the views… and I notice a bird just few yards away on the branch…

Praslin Island Nature reserve, St. Lucia

For a low fee of around US$90 you get to enjoy the wonders of nature and the tranquility of your very own Island getaway …

Kayak on the Bay, St. Lucia, Praslin Island

And if you feel like kayaking around Praslin Island in St. Lucia – contact “Kayak on the Bay” by calling +1 758-719-9329 or via Facebook

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