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Happy Family Day!

Sour Cherry Mousse Cake

Happy Family Day to Everyone! What a wonderful idea to spend it outdoors and enjoy the fresh air!

It snowed recently and we were very happy to pull out our skis and go to our nearest park! The creek is frozen over and in some parts the ice is thick enough to skate on, but in some areas there is no ice and we saw a couple ducks swimming. One of the low areas that got frozen over was turned into a small skate rink!

It was great to see people enjoying winter the old way. Skating and playing hockey on the frozen river and ponds. There were many people outside, some were walking their dogs and others, like us, were skiing… The weather was perfect, -5C with the sun shining and close to no wind. It was like a dream…

After skiing for one hour, we were red-cheeked and tired. We decided to wrap things up and go home for some après-ski snacks and a hot cup of tea with the best scones you could imagine. It was the perfect way to relax after some skiing. You are probably interested how to make these scones? It’s Buttermilk Scones and the recipe is HERE.

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