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Montserrat:Still Home… Still Nice…!!!

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Montserrat:Still Home… Still Nice…!!!


Hi everyone

For those who don’t already know, Pat Belonger Ryan’s song ‘Still Home Still Nice’ has been entered for the BBC World Service Hear my country competition, where a song is chosen which best represents a particular country. The competition is mounted by The Strand, an arts and culture programme on the BBC World Service. The song is accompanied by a set of lovely photos illustrating different aspects of life on Montserrat. To assist the choice of this song, people are invited, if they wish, to e-mail The Strand programme, proposing this song to be chosen to represent Montserrat in the Hear my country competition. One should briefly state one’s reasons for proposing this song, or why you think it should be chosen.The song and photos can be heard and viewed on You Tube at the following link:- Make sure to include this link in your letter to the BBC.The e-mail address to write to is and the SUBJECT line should say The Strand, hear my country, Montserrat to help it get to the right department. Just encouraging people to support this effort. You can also click on ‘like’ on You Tube if you like it.

Best wishes to allCathy Buffonge

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