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Lobsters from Nova Scotia!

Nova Scotia Lobster meal: lobster, mussels with garlic and lemon, smoked salmon; presentation - lobster cooked to perfection, mussels in broth that can be used for seafood chowder; fresh vegetables and baked potatoes


This Canada Day will stay in our memory for a while, I’m sure. No parade, no fireworks – and those are best of all! …But there is another reason to keep this day in memory – we got LOBSTERS! Yes, two wonderful lobsters arrived from Nova Scotia! Packed in the cooler, delivered by FedEx – ready to be eaten along with a pack of fresh mussels, some smoked salmon and all the utensils we need.

Nova Scotia Lobster meal, lobster, mussels with garlic and lemon, smoked salmon
Nova Scotia Lobster from “Clearwater”, mussels in garlic lemon sauce, smoked salmon

We decided to share a picture of this perfect meal, so you could imagine the flavors and tastes… Lobsters served with baked potato, garlic butter and fresh vegetables. Mussels we cooked in a very simple and delicious way – see recipe below.

Now, about Nova Scotia lobsters – the ones we had came from “Clearwater Lobster”. Harvested in the waters of Canadian North Atlantic when energy levels are highest thus providing for maximum meat content and hardest shells. The advanced technology allows them to supply finest, fully-meated lobsters all year-round. And if you plan to visit Nova Scotia don’t forget to try this delicious food. I found out that lobster is actually is very healthy food: per cup of meat about 130 calories; 1.3 g fat; 705 mg sodium; no carbs; no sugars; AND 27.6 g of protein!

Here is how we cooked the mussels: for a 2 lbs pack of mussels take 1 large onion, 3 garlic cloves, 1/4 cup of butter, 1 tsp salt, some pepper, parsley to taste, lemon. When you open the pack put it under running cold water. In a minute you’ll see that the shells are all close except may be a few – discard those. Now, in a pot or pan (we used wok) that can fit all that put butter, chopped onion, garlic and half lemon zest and let it all cook till transparent. Add all the mussels, water to cover it, salt, pepper, half parsley and let cook slow for 8-10 min after boiled up until all shells are open (discard the closed ones). Adjust for salt and pepper, squeeze juice from half lemon, may be add some some other spices… The liquid can be used for dipping fresh crusty bread and lobster meat or used later as soup base (seafood chowder!).

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