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Lake Geneva Region, Gastronomic Destination Par Excellence

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Lake Geneva Region, Gastronomic Destination Par Excellence!

The 2010 GaultMillau Guide has rewarded eleven establishments, welcomes ten new ones and gives special recognition to Pierrick Suter by voting him “Romand of the year”(Swiss French). The Lake Geneva Region (Canton of Vaud) demonstrates once again that it is Switzerland’s prime gastronomic region and one of Europe’s areas most densely populated with excellent restaurants.

The 2010 edition of the prestigious gastronomic GaultMillau Guide, published on 13 October, unveils some excellent results in favour of the gastronomic fraternity of the Lake Geneva Region (Canton of Vaud). Eleven establishments have gained a point and ten make their first appearance in the Guide1.

As a tremendous distinction for the Hôtel de la Gare in Lucens, Pierrick Suter is awarded 16 points, and honoured with the title of the “Romand of the year”. Born near Moudon in the heart of the Vaud countryside, he learned his trade alongside some of the greatest chefs: Edgar Bovier, Bernard Ravet and Fredy Girardet. Fifteen years ago, he took over his wife’s business in Lucens, where he hasn’t stopped making improvements at the Hôtel de la Gare, a family hotel that has become a benchmark over the years.

Also worthy of note is the arrival of Anne-Sophie Pic this year at the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne. She is a three-star chef, who received the rating of 18/20 in Valence (France). The Guide has not yet evaluated her in Lausanne.

Altogether, ninety-two (92) restaurants have scored 1253 GM points in the Lake Geneva Region2. This is a record, since the region has the highest proportion of good restaurants and points in Switzerland. Of course, these results reinforce the region’s gastronomic reputation and confirm its high standard in the art of good fine cuisine. It should also be noted that the Lake Geneva Region is home to Switzerland’s two chefs, who rate 19 GM points and the 3 Michelin stars, in the persons of Philippe Rochat in Crissier and Gérard Rabaey in Brent.

1 see complete list enclosed
2 source: 2010 GaultMillau Swiss Guide, Romandy edition

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