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Hong Kong, View from the harbor

Hong Kong… Its so well recognized skyline may be seen sparkling in the full sun or in the cloud like this day, which only adds to the majestic view of the skyscrapers… I could probably spend hours just admiring the changing shades of the clouds on the glass and bypassing boats of all calibers from barges to luxury yachts or cruise ships… Harbor separates the Hong Kong Island from Mainland. Once you cross it, and there many ways to do so, you are in Central…

Hong Kong, View the harbor

Central is Hong Kong business and retail heart, crammed with skyscrapers, luxury malls and super hotels. The neighborhood is known for nightlife, with pubs and nightclubs and wine bars and trendy restaurants… And just steps away from all this bustle, are Hong Kong Park and the Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Hong Kong Park is a must to visit – it’s like stepping in some tropical paradise filled with exotic birds and plants; and again, I can take hours watching those birds of all colours and sizes, they are brought from many corners of the world to please the eyes of visitors, the entrance is free… In such a dense forest of skyscrapers I am surprised to find a lot of green spaces!

Hong Kong, street view

I should say a word of warning – when visiting Hong Kong be careful and make sure you control spending! So many wonderful things around that it is easy to spend way more money that one planned for…. but I am only looking!

Hong Kong, Famous tramway…

Due to significant growth in population and economy in Hong Kong England sanctioned the building of a tramway system in 1901 and back then all the tramways were single-deck. Today it is the world’s largest double-deck tram fleet in operation, carrying an average of 200,000 passengers every day… Interesting fact: the road space consumed by each tram passenger during peak period is 0.25 square meters only; it is the most affordable, the greenest and a very space efficient mode of transport!

Hong Kong, street view

One of the most crowded, or should I say visited places is Tsim Sha Tsui. It is a giant world bazaar, where luxury is met by sea of stalls, shops, markets and malls of all sizes! On one of the days I saw people on the street carrying banners…

Hong Kong, Nathan Road

Just taking a stroll along Nathan Road and the streets crossing it, is an experience in itself well worth attention!

Hong Kong, street view

From there I walk over to Canton Road where I get confronted with the best the world has to offer in luxury designer goods…

Hong Kong, early morning hour…

If you plan to visit Hong Kong my advice – plan at least six months or even more ahead; start with flights – this will give you the time-frame… then hotel and list of places to visit… I don’t want to tell much, you will discover your own Hong Kong…

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