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Hamilton, Halton and Brant – Southern Ontario’s hidden gem

Hamilton Ontario Tall Post Cider

If you are looking to get away from the constant hustle and bustle of the city, the Hamilton, Halton and Brant region in Ontario is perfect for a day trip. Yet, the region is not one that really crosses your mind when it comes to getting away from the city. Hamilton and the area may seem like the small town next to Toronto, little more than a hardworking little town, yet this could not be farther from the truth. Hamilton packs quite a punch when it comes to travel. In fact, if you are not a fan of crowds and prefer more ‘organic’ experiences and travelling, then Hamilton and the surrounding towns of Halton and Brant is the place for you. Below you will find our itinerary – and while we enjoyed the trip thoroughly following it, feel free to modify it to your liking.

Getting There:

The Hamilton area is a 1 and a half hour drive from Toronto via the 401 Highway. Hamilton International Airport also serves flights to many cities in the area.

Let’s get the day started right! – Paradise Fields

The owner of Paradise Fields, Mario, was never a farmer. In fact, he never thought he would ever be one. It was only after working for many years in Real Estate that he decided he wanted to do something for people, for the community. It was then, that he decided to put his heart and soul into organic farming. Paradise Fields’ manifesto reads: “We believe in the power of nutrient-rich organic food to transform people. We believe food should heal, not harm. We believe God intended for us to be sustained by fruits and vegetables. We believe healthy food should be delicious and accessible. We believe in taking up our call to care for the land our food grows on. We believe our community deserves health and wholeness. We exist to help them get there.”

Bringing people back to natural ways is the mission at Paradise Fields. Rather than being just another farm, Paradise Fields puts its focus on educating people about clean living and healthy, holistic lifestyles. Paradise Fields also offers week-long courses where talks are given by psychologists, dieticians and others. Paradise Fields offers produce delivery and also has a walk-in store where you can buy the wonderful, fresh produce.

For more information about Paradise Fields:

The owner and founder of Paradise Fields, Mario, giving a tour

Lunch and Cider – Tall Post Craft Cider

When you think of wines or ciders in Southern Ontario, Hamilton is not really on the radar – and that’s what makes it special. Distilleries and vineyards dot the landscape all around the escarpment. They are some of the best wineries out there, especially when it comes to experience, yet, they manage to keep their reputation a well kept secret. Tall Post Ciders is a prime example of this. Its a wonderful, cozy farm and is the perfect place to have lunch or have a small picnic while also tasting a variety of Ciders.

Run by the 26 year old entrepreneur and his wife, their small batch Ciders should be on everyone’s bucket list. When I caught up with him briefly over lunch, I asked why they had turned down an offer to sell their Ciders at the LCBO. “We want to keep things small.” He said. “It’s something that people want when they come to visit Hamilton, Ontario – where our farm is located. They know they are getting a unique product, something handcrafted that you can’t just pick off a shelf”. Their small operation is also home to seasonal pick-your-own, which has grown in popularity over the years. The farm is also home to a lovely Bernese Mountain dog, some goats as well as two Cows. If there is one place that encapsulates the small town spirit of Hamilton, it’s Tall Post.

Find more about them here:

Learn about the history of the Women’s Institute – The Erland Lee House Museum

You might never think that a small town in southern Ontario would be the birthplace of the Women’s Institute, yet, here it is! In fact, in the small house that is now the museum, the Institute’s Charter was first drafted and signed. The original copy still remains and is on display. What is the Women’s Institute? Well, according to the Federated Women’s Institute of Ontario: “The Federated Women’s Institutes of Ontario (FWIO) promotes inclusive and supportive social networking for community action and personal growth. We offer educational programs and advocate for social, environmental and economic change. We are a not-for-profit charitable organization with international affiliations.”

The story behind the museum is really amazing, but its worth going with a tour to get a better sense of the story. The lovely curators of the museum showed us around. In the Erland Lee House Museum, a story exists in every object. Even things that we might normally overlook or not even glance at, have a story to tell. A story that fits into the tapestry of Women’s History, Women’s Rights and the History of Canada.

More information about the Erland Lee House Museum:

Finishing the day at Ridge Road Estate Winery

Is there a better way to end off an amazing trip than to sit back, relax, take in the view and enjoy a wine tasting? I don’t think so. Ridge Road Estate Winery is an absolutely amazing little winery. Similar to the philosophy of Tall Post, Ridge Road Estate focuses on the local. Ridge Road Estate is a wonderful place to have dinner and taste some wine while also enjoying the property. A large barn, beautiful pond and a cute little gift shop are what set Ridge Road apart.

So, kick back and relax at Ridge Road to cap off an amazing day!

More information about Ridge Road Estate Winery:

Enjoy the Hamilton, Halton and Brant area!

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