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Caribbean Stories of Love and Food!

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November 2009 – St. John’s, Antigua At last! Exquisitely original vegetarian recipes attributed to the West Indian islands from Antigua, Montserrat, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Barbados and as far south as Curacao in the Caribbean Sea. Jacinta “Jazz” Fenton, chef and nutritional coach, has published a 100-page book of her food adventures throughout the Caribbean, “Exotic Foods of the Caribbean – Vegetarian and Seafood Fair”  “I wanted to share some of my favourite dishes which combine my professional Cordon Bleu training with my love of my native Caribbean food and culture, and my focus on healthful eating,” says Fenton, who now resides again in Antigua, after thirty years studying her art, traveling through France and Italy, and working in London, Miami, Houston, New York and various Caribbean islands. Her company, Festive Palate, was caterer of choice for many New York City photo-shoots, after-parties, United Nations events, and private celebrity and political celebrations, until she followed her heart and returned home to her beloved Caribbean isles. Ms. Fenton has teamed up with award-winning photographer Igor Kravchenkov, to bring her food and stories to life with his emotive and brilliant photographic artistry, as she shares her personal adventures from her beloved Montserrat to the southern tip of the Caribbean that of Curacao.This book brings the Caribbean’s culinary cultures to life, exciting the reader’s every sense. The recipes are redolent with the traditions, herbs, and spices of the Caribbean’s first inhabitants – the Amerindians – and the later African, Asian, European, and Mediterranean peoples. Several of these unique recipes are delightfully customized and flavored for the delicate palate of Vegans. She also shares lots of exotic recipes for seafood lovers who are excited about the delectable treasures of the bountiful, splendid Caribbean Sea.  “ Exotic Foods of the Caribbean “ is available for purchase from online or and all other booksellers.

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