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Book about Montserrat for 1,500 USD ?

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“Montserrat and Montserratians” photo book about little island of Montserrat in the Caribbean region is hard to find, although you can buy used for  lots of money…

Used Book by Igor Kravtchenko and Howard Fergus about Montserrat for 1,500 USD ? is selling a used copy of book about Montserrat for $1,500 USD.

Montserrat And Montserratians: Photo Exploration, Commemorating Ten Years Living With Volcano, 1995-2005

Who can buy this book for this ridiculously high price? Is it a Christmas Joke, or reality of demand? Who can explain this puzzle…?

It sound like, one of the Most Expensive Books from Caribbean Region!

Cover of the photo Book

Cover of the Book “Montserrat and Montserratians”

Montserrat and Montserratians

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