Perth Walking Food Tour – Delectable Cuisine

“Perth Walking Food Tour”

or Delectable Cuisine and 100 year old scandals in one fun tour


Perth Museum walking tour
We started our walking tour from Perth Museum
cheers in Mex&Co Restaurant in Perth Ontario
Mex & Co Restaurant in Perth

It is not the first time we visit Perth and have lunch there, but the first time we had a chance to not just try the best foods in town, but learn some history of the architecture and get insight of top local scandals. The tour begins at the Matheson House Museum at 11 Gore St. East downtown Perth. The Museum is worth a separate visit – it is filled with numerous household items and furniture from the past.  The Walking Food Tour is the first in its kind in Lanark County, and as we heard attracted a lot of guests since its debut last year when Perth celebrated 200th Anniversary.  To get most of the tour make sure to have active start of the day and come hungry – you will have six-to-seven samples of local flavours varying from European cuisine to fancy desserts…

Perth Ontario Walking Food Tour, first stop Max&Co
Perth Walking Food Tour. Snacking in Mex&Co

The tour is not a fast paced one, so you will have time to enjoy all the foods offered, and it is always a surprise – there is no menu!

Desserts offered in Maximillian Restaurant during Perth Walking Food Tour
Perth Walking Food Tour. Desserts at Maximilian
Funtime at Maximillian Restaurant during Perth Walking Food Tour
Having fun during the food tasting tour. Maximilian Restaurant

While walking from one restaurant to next one we were trying to guess what is coming – something sweet or spicy?!Perth Walking Food Tour

Perth Walking Food Tour, next stop is at Stone Cellar Restaurant
Perth Walking Food Tour. The Stone Cellar Restaurant
Food tasting tour. Rocky River Restaurant, Perth Ontario
Rocky River Cafe & Restaurant
Rocky River Restaurant Patio
Rocky River Restaurant Outdoor Patio

Every tasty dish comes with a piece of local history in a short story or anecdote form! We visited a lot of well established places and some that just recently opened – one of them is “Rocky River”  well worth to mention here. They have beautiful shaded patio at the back that would be great on a summer day, but when we got there it started to rain, so we went inside.

Perth Walking Food Tour, "Rocky River"
Perth Walking Food Tour, “Rocky River”
Perth Walking Food Tour, "Rocky River"
Food at Rocky River Restaurant, Perth Ontario

And even it was almost the end of our tour the table was set for a feast!

Perth Walking Food Tour, table is loaded at “Rocky River”…

Perth Walking Food Tour, "Rocky River"
Perth Walking Food Tour, “Rocky River” Restaurant

It took us a while there, the food was excellent, the rain was pouring, so we relaxed and enjoyed… Next stop was at the local brewery – what a busy place it was! We got a table by the window and waited for the rest of the rain to stop…

Perth Walking Food Tour,
Perth Walking Food Tour,

We eat so much of good food that decided that we didn’t want to have dinner!

If you are interested:
“The Perth Walking Food Tour” runs Saturdays from mid-May to the end of June, cost of $35 per person; beginning at 1 p.m. at the historic Matheson House Museum, at 11 Gore St. E. Perth, Ontario.

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