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A Journey to the Land of Spirits

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A journey to the land of spirits 

Your guide is really a guardian, a storyteller, someone to keep you safe from polar bears. He will take you to places sacred and ancient: some of the rocks here date to 3.9 billion years ago. He will show you how to fish, how to read the sky for weather, and introduce you to the elders who will welcome you to kANGIDLUASUk, share their stories and knowledge. It’s the experience of a lifetime. Have a look 

kANGIDLUASUk is the base camp for one of
Canada’s newest and most exotic destinations.
In Inuit mythology, the northern
Labrador mountains area where their ancestors lived for millennia was known as Torngat, land of spirits. This spectacular wilderness ranges from Saglek Fjord to the northern tip of Labrador, and from the highest mountains east of the Rockies across a plateau to the jagged fjords of the
Labrador Sea. Its 9,700 square kilometers comprise Torngat Mountains National Park.

At base camp you’ll meet scientists studying the environment, hike to archaeological sites with Inuit guides, take a boat trip along the coast, go harvesting, and soak up camp life. 

This is a park like no other. It is, first and foremost, home to the Inuit. There are no roads, and no way there except by boat or air. It’s a place where the adventure is a safari of the mind, a discovery of the rhythm of the land, and a new yet ancient culture. 

Cruise ship and small group are the two modes of travel into the park. Vision Atlantic Vacations of Corner Brook, NL, offers a 7-night Lure of the Labrador Wild excursion by air from Happy Valley-Goose Bay that also takes side trips to the abandoned villages of
Hebron and Ramah for $5,900CDN single. Cruise North Expeditions offers two Torngat Safari – a 4-day cruise ship-based excursion for $3,190US air included, and 7-day stand-alone tour for $4,361US plus air.

Other cruise ship operators who cruise Torngat as part of a larger expedition include Polar Star Expeditions, Travel Dynamics International, and Wanderbird Cruises. 

For more information on Newfoundland and
Labrador travel packages, please check our website.

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