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Standing ovation for Denis Matsuev

raising standard of excellence at Koerner Hall on October 17, 2019

Denis Matsuev is one of Russia’s top musicians and a well known public figure, he can be heard in all the world’s greatest halls – next day after Toronto he will be in New York to perform at Carnegie Hall. Mr. Matsuev has numerous recordings with the New York Philharmonic, London Symphony and Russian concertos […]

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New piano music composition “A dose of Joy”

New piano music composition ” A dose of Joy” by Jonathan Kravtchenko Created and played in July 2018 featuring happiness and joy… Enjoy…

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Start Your day with Catherine Rollin. Prelude in D Flat Major

Start your day with nice piano Music: Catherine Rollin. Prelude in D Flat Major

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Rag time with Jonathan Kravtchenko

Blueberry Rag time – new piano music with Jonathan Kravtchenko Here is the video of “Blueberry Rag” new piano piece, composed and played by young Canadian composer, Jonathan Kravtchenko. Enjoy “Blueberry Rag” If you have any comments or thoughts, please share with us…

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