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Caribbean Postcards

Postcard Collecting- Deltiology-Tropical Island Postcard

Postcard Collecting-Deltiology- hobby of postcard collecting It seems that the old hobby of Postcard collecting ( Deltiology)  and postcards exchange is still alive , although passed through turbulent times, and evolved into club activity.  After some research we found more than eighty active postcard clubs around the world. Please send your Postcard Collectors Club info […]

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Experience the Adventure of a lifetime with Uma Paro, Bhutan

Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime with Uma Paro, Bhutan FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 14, 2010. (Paro, Bhutan)—Imagine centuries-old monasteries, emerald forests and colourful Buddhist celebrations – welcome to Bhutan. Uma Paro, Bhutan offers a series of all-inclusive small group adventures to provide easy access to this breathtaking, remote country that has remained largely untouched […]

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Celebrate the Winter Holiday Bhutanese Style at Uma Paro

Celebrate the Winter Holiday Bhutanese Style at Uma Paro October 18, 2010. (Paro, Bhutan) – Bhutan’s festival calendar is regularly marked by Tshechu. Meaning ‘Tenth Day’, this celebratory event occurs on the start of the tenth day of each month in the Buddhist lunar calendar. It is an opportunity for local people to come together […]

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