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Montserrat – Montserrat is one of 14 UK Overseas Territories, governed by a locally elected Premier and Parliament. The UK Government works with Montserrat’s Government to strengthen the island’s economic planning, emergency management, and security. The UK Government appoints a governor who lives on island, and functions as an advisor on these matters.

Introducing Montserrat — a dramatic island in the Caribbean dominated by the smoking Soufrière Hills volcano and home to an abundance of nature. Its small population (a little under 5,000), rare wildlife and paradisiacal setting make it the ideal getaway, visa-free entry — may soon entice more visitors to the British Overseas Territory. The island, which both the Native Americans and Carib Indians have called home, was uninhabited by the time Columbus sighted it in 1493 and named it after a Spanish abbey. In 1632, Irish Catholics from nearby St Kitts became the island’s earliest settlers, and this, together with its resemblance to the outline of Ireland, gave Montserrat the nickname ‘The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean’. Here are the seven activities you shouldn’t miss when visiting this unique island.