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Ontario Science Centre MindWorks New Expo

“MindWorks” – new exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre MindWorks New Expo
MindWorks, A look inside our brains…

The Ontario Science Centre is celebrating 50th Anniversary and to mark the event they opened several new exhibitions!

… Ever thought of looking inside of the thought process? Want to know more about how our brain processes the information? If so, the new exhibition “MindWorks” is the place to visit! Fun for the whole family and a lot of educational material for all ages!

Ontario Science Centre MindWorks New Expo
MindWorks, Learn and Explore

Here you will learn about the decision-making process, memory and emotions through the fun hands-on experiences.

Ontario Science Centre MindWorks New Expo
MindWorks, Experience the unusual…

And don’t shy to enter the spaces and participate in the group test! Here is the opportunity to look into your own way of reaction and thought process.

Ontario Science Centre MindWorks New Expo
MindWorks, Look what’s inside!

“Life of Earth… Death of Sun…”

Ontario Science Centre, Life of The Earth, New Expo
Ontario Science Centre, “Life of The Earth”

The huge installation reflects our life on the planet and the role of humans on the environment. The present, past and future of the planet Earth as it is seen from the space delivered to us by acclaimed Canadian music video creator and artist Director X. The exhibition encourages the discussions about current issues of life and human condition. “Death of Sun” is a take on the human mortality and the place of humans in the universe through the existence of our star.

IMAX – “Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation”

Ontario Science Centre, IMAX, Toronto-based filmmaker Michael Dalton-Smith presenting his movie
Toronto-based filmmaker Michael Dalton-Smith talking about his film…

As an introduction to the screening of the new film “Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation” the Toronto-based filmmaker Michael Dalton-Smith gives the insight to what it is like to get close to the active volcanoes… The movie takes us on the round-the-world tour to visit major active volcanoes and explore the various volcanic sites. The film portraits the photographer and explorer Peter Carsten, the dangers and excitement of his work in Indonesia at the edge of an active volcano. The film is filled with rare and fascinating scenes of volcanic landscapes, interesting for the whole family no matter the ages!

Fun for all! At Ontario Science Centre…

Ontario Science Centre, Fun for everyone!
Ontario Science Centre, Fun for everyone!

…And as always after exploring all the new and exciting, watching the film and having a quick snack, we need to get active and have some fun at some of our favorite spots – we race the blocks to explore the various surfaces, we compete in rowing and create some fun items for coming Halloween!

Ontario Science Centre, Fun for everyone!
Ontario Science Centre, Fun for everyone!

And if you are looking for a perfect place to spend a day with your kids, learn a lot of new things and get creative The Science Centre is a perfect place. Click here to see the location. For more info visit their website https://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/.

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