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Montserrat Events August 2009-January 2010

Fred Olsen Cruise to Offer Insight into Montserrat
Broadcaster and writer Sarah Dickinson will be giving four illustrated
lectures about Montserrat during Fred Olsen’s transatlantic Braemar
cruise, which departs Dover for the Caribbean on October 27th 2009. The
four lectures will be titled I heard the mountain groaning, a brief
history of Montserrat and the first eruption; Shovelling, about the
history of the volcano and the Montserrat Volcano Observatory; Have a
little faith, featuring songs, poems and art which emerged from the
crisis; and Still nice, still home, on how Montserrat has come to terms
with living with the volcano and the ten year plan to build its new
capital. The lectures will detail Sarah’s life on the island before and
after the volcanic eruptions, which began in 1995. Brochures and other
promotional literature supplied by the Montserrat Tourist Board will be
distributed to passengers. For more information visit <>

Eco-Friendly Lodge & Campsite Opens in Montserrat
The rejuvenation of the tourism product of Montserrat continues with
the recent opening of the Mt. Pleasant Eco-lodge and Campsite. The camp
site is set in a lush forest, with the focal point being the Harmony
Cottage, fashioned after a Mongolian yurt. This circular shaped cottage
contains a Queen size bed, eco-toilet, shower, kitchen and a see-through
dome in the roof which give occupants a perfect skyview on starry
nights. There are several tent platforms ranging in sizes from 8 x 10 to
10 x 18 feet. Tents to be placed on these platforms can be rented from
the facility or brought in by campers. An activity centre is located on
the grounds where campers can congregate to have meetings, social
activities and meals. The Mt. Pleasant Eco-lodge and Campsite is one of
the most environmentally friendly accommodation facilities on
Montserrat. All the electricity at the site is generated from solar
power panels.  The compound and all tent platforms are also fitted with
showers and miniflush compost toilets. Situated in the picturesque Mt.
Pleasant area, the facility was built without the removal of any trees,
and offers breathtaking views of Montserrat’s coastline and the
neighbouring islands of Nevis and Redonda. For further information on
this facility or reservations call Mr. David Payne at (664) 491 2933/495
2933 or email <\0> .

Spotlight on ‘Goat Water Specialist’ Reuben Furlonge
Reuben Furlone is one of Montserrat’s best known tourism ambassadors.
Furlonge, as he is affectionately called, is a well known taxi driver
and tour guide.  But perhaps he is most famous for his dubbing as the
island’s “goat water specialist.”   Akin to an Irish Stew, goat water is
a thick tasty stew with chunks of goat meat and is Montserrat’s national
dish. Furlonge started making goat water in the 1970’s for special
occasions, and because of its popularity, in 1987 he opened Fulonge’s
Den in village of Harris’, selling goat water on weekends. The
restaurant was destroyed in the volcanic eruptions of 1997 and Furlonge
was forced to move his operations to his home in the north of the
island.  Since 1992 he has also been representing Montserrat with his
goat water at the Annual International Food Fair in Antigua in May.
Furlonge’s goat water has also been to CARIFESTA, the Caribbean’s
premier cultural fiesta. When he is not busy making and promoting his
country’s national dish, Furlonge operates a taxi and tour service for
visitors and is a member of the Montserrat Tour and Taxi Association.
Over the past ten years he has provided tours for a number of visiting
journalists and was recently featured in Islands Magazine, as well as
the French Newspaper Le Monde. Furlonge says, “I thoroughly enjoy
meeting new people from all walks of life and showing them my beautiful
island.” To sample Furlonge’s goat water or to book an island tour call
(664) 492 2790.

Montserrat featured in Caribbean Homes and Lifestyle
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Montserrat is featured in the current issue of the Caribbean Homes and
Lifestyle (CH&L) Magazine, with a full colour 15-page spread. The
Antigua-based CH&L targets the middle to upper income households,
business owners, investors and the media. The magazine features the
vibrant culture, lifestyle and emerging real estate trends within the
region and has a circulation of 20,000. It is sold internationally for
USD$5 (£2.95) and is distributed free at the VC Bird Airport in Antigua
and at destination and travel expos in the USA, Canada and Europe. To
view the piece on Montserrat, or to subscribe to this magazine, visit
<> .
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Save the Date
The 15th Annual Fishing Tournament will be held Saturday 31st October

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October 2009
15th Annual Montserrat Fishing Tournament
October 31

Police, Fire, Search & Rescue Community Week October 31 – November 7

November 2009
Alliouagana Literary Festival of the Word November 13 – 15

December 2009
Christmas Festival Celebrations
December 4 – January1