Koichiro Ikebuchi Designs nahm Restaurant

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Koichiro Ikebuchi Designs nahm Restaurant at the Metropolitan Bangkok

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October 7th, 2010. (Bangkok, TH) – nahm Bangkok, the latest venture from award-winning Australian chef David Thompson, occupies a dramatic, newly designed space at the Metropolitan Bangkok. The result is a tour-de-force in intelligent, intimate restaurant design created by award-winning, Japanese interior architect, Koichiro Ikebuchi. The space, which seats 112, sits comfortably with the hotel’s contemporary aesthetic.

Established in 2004, Atelier Ikebuchi’s impressive portfolio spans Asia-Pacific to Europe. His projects include Hotel Uma Ubud, Bali (2004), COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali (2005), Huize van Wely, Jakarta (2008) and Club 21 Men, Bangkok (2009). In 2009, Ikebuchi was named ‘Designer of the Year’ at the Presidents Design Awards, Singapore.

Ikebuchi’s design for nahm is both modern and elegant in conception with a warm, honeyed glow to the dominant palette. It is also loyal to local culture, with inspiration drawn from the grandeur of the Ayutthaya period. Between 1300 and 1700 centuries, this was the wealthiest kingdom in Thai history. Also known as the Golden Age of Thai arts and architectural ornaments, artisans were celebrated for their elaborately decorative works including wood carvings, weaving and murals.

The Thai references are subtle yet visually striking. These include the textured rusty-red (laterite) brick-stepped columns reminiscent of Ayutthaya temples, a gold-leaf featured wall, reclaimed Thai teak wood used for the flooring, hand-crafted wooden screens expressing a weave-like design and Thai silk in rich colours of earthy tones for the upholstery. Throughout Ikebuchi has combined an emphasis on locally sourced, hand-crafted materials together with high-quality finishes.

With the layering of low-level screens, soft light is naturally diffused throughout the restaurant to create a cosy, intimate ambience for each dining space without compromising the buzz of this busy, popular address.

Every design detail has been attended to, including the tableware. The handpicked selection includes Benjarong bowls from Thai Artisan ‘Pinsuwan Benjarong’ and Celadon plates from local, Thai manufacturer ‘Mengrai Kilns’. The variety in shape, height, width and size of the tableware reflects the diversity of the textures and flavours of David Thompson’s cooking.

Interested in experiencing a meal at nahm? Visit the Metropolitan Bangkok before the end of 2010 and enjoy the following package.

Guests who love their food will surely be tempted by this overnight package. It includes an exotic welcome drink on arrival, dinner for two at nahm, the Metropolitan Bangkok’s new Thai restaurant from Michelin-starred chef David Thompson, and a signed copy of his acclaimed book on the cuisine. Breakfast the next morning showcases the healthy, energy-giving cuisine.

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Dinner at nahm restaurant (food only)
  • David Thompson’s book
  • Breakfast for two

One night stay
Single USD225++ Double USD300++ (Metropolitan room)

Two nights stay
Single USD360++ Double USD 450++ (Metropolitan room)

Guests at the Metropolitan Bangkok and other COMO properties will be supporting local community initiatives simply by paying with MasterCard. For every transaction logged, MasterCard will make a donation of US$30 to a local charitable cause. Beneficiaries include a Bhutanese nunnery, a Balinese care centre for the mentally disabled, as well as Balinese, Thai and Maldivian local schools.

These organisations are longstanding partners of the respective COMO hotel or resort located nearby, with service missions closely aligned to COMO’s commitment to their local cultures, economies, environments and communities. In addition to this ‘Purchase with Purpose’ programme, the properties work year-round with these partners through funding, capacity building, staff engagement and skill development. Such community investment is part of a more holistic effort called the COMO Approach, geared towards developing and operating COMO Hotels and Resorts in a sustainable and responsible fashion.

Located in the Ayudthaya province, Wat Bangploeng School caters to 151 low-income rural students who leave their families and countryside in search of an education. The students lodge at the temple next door to the school and only visit home once a year. The Metropolitan Bangkok has partnered with Wat Bangploeng in building new facilities for the school, as well as providing regular training in health, nutrition and facilities management.

Clean and potable water is a pressing need at the school to be used for drinking, washing, cleaning, and cooking. The shortfall in water from the government supply is hand-drawn from a well or carried from a canal nearby.

Through the MasterCard programme, donations will enable provision for new pipes to increase water pressure from the government supply, new water pumps for the well and canal along with a filter for drinking and cooking water.

Understanding the Metropolitan: COMO Hotels and Resorts currently owns and operates two Metropolitan hotels, in London and Bangkok. They share dynamic elements: a contemporary east-west aesthetic, youthful staff, a COMO Shambhala Urban Escape and a lively members’ bar. Both hotels have restaurants regarded as gourmet destinations in their own right. They are city hotels that stand at the centre of the action – both physically and in the city’s psyche. They are places where things happen, attracting creative travellers who seek both the high-octane lifestyle as well the peace and calm that comes with clean-lined modern design. This unique potential to experience two different worlds – the energy of a vibrant metropolis, and serene escapism within the hotel’s calming confines – is what defines the Metropolitan life. Website: www.metropolitan.bangkok.como.bz