France, events in autumn 2009

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September in France is the month of the grape harvest, reason why we are dedicating its first newsletter to wine tourism: discover France through its terroirs! Regions in all four corners of France are celebrating wine – the perfect occasion for oenophiles to indulge in their passion in unique settings, often Unesco World Heritage Sites. To help you make any evening a success, learn how to truly savour a good wine, decrypt the information given on labels and which fabulous nectar to pair with a meal. September is also the perfect time to discover organic wines, or to head to Aquitaine or Bourgogne for some pleasurable vinotherapy. For hikers and cyclists, you can be initiated to oenology while trekking in Alsace. Closer to home, don’t miss out on another event highlighting France, with the September 25th release of the movie, Coco avant Chanel. Discover the France of Gabrielle Chanel!
Caroline Putnoki
Director for Canada

Parties and Celebrations in the Champenois wine region
Gastronomical and oenologial filled days, cultural exhibitions highlighted… specials events are not hard to find in the Champenois region.
The Grape Harvest Celebration in Nîmes
This not to be missed event during the grape harvest, as this celebration will delight bullfighting fans and bodega fans alike.
Lost in francelation : Let’s make some wine !
In this episode, our Francelator discovers the process of making wine. He is taken around Burgundy
region by Brendan Moore: in a vineyard in St-Bris-le-Vineux, and in the neighboring towns of
Chablis and Beaune. It is a very busy time in the vineyards, because this is the time of Vendange,
or Harvest…
Coco Avant Chanel
On September 25th, 2009, the film recounting the life of Gabrielle Chanel will finally hit the Canadian big
screen! Discover the movie trailer and the regions in which the designer lived.
From you to us, France, a sustainable destination?
Sustainable, green, responsible, solidarity tourism… Give us your opinion and enter a chance to
win a travel guide to plan your next trip to France!

To discover
The art of wine can be learned
Everything can be discovered when it comes to tasting a good glass of wine:  know how to appreciate different vineyards, identify the value of specific years (millesime), rediscover the characteristics of soil and appellations (designations), explore different vineyards in the hexagon.
How to read labels on a bottle of wine
Find out about the key elements for reading (and understanding) labels on wine bottles. Your friends will be impressed!
The marriage of food and wine
A good meal loses some of its flavour if it isn’t accompanied by a few good bottles. But marrying food and wine is not child’s play… Follow the guide!
Dry Rum
“pété pié”, take-off, fire… In Guadeloupe there is no shortage of precise terms when talking about rum, the outstanding national drink.

Our favorite
A guide to organic wine
There are currently 3,000 winemakers involved in organic or natural winemaking. Here is a little guide to organic wine charters and labels, and good addresses.
Winetherapy Spas, or 1000 reasons to say Yes to grapes
Unforgettable moments of relaxation are waiting for you: wine baths, massages, and various treatments… the restorative grape based treatments have revolutionized the world of esthetics and well-being.
Hiking and initiation to oenology (the science of wine)
Hiking, holidaying, tasting, and personalized bottles: in Alsace, oenology will no longer be a mystery for you.
Southwestern France: Bordeaux, Bergerac, Armagnac…
From prestigious Bordeauxs to distinctive terroir wines, southwestern France is particularly diverse. Choose your route between Bordeaux and Toulouse.

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