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Ctrl – V Experience in Waterloo, Ontario

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Virtual Reality experience in CTRL-V, Waterloo, Ontario

Entrance to CTRL-V virtual reality experience in Waterloo-Kitchener

CTRL-V virtual reality experience in Waterloo-Kitchener

Experiencing Virtual Reality in CTRL-V

Experiencing Virtual Reality

As soon as we knew that we are going to CTRL-V we were so impatient that could not wait for 8 pm! The dinner took so long… Finally at 8:10 pm we arrived at Ctrl-V  – Canada’s first virtual reality arcade that was opened in Waterloo just recently. We walked in the first set of doors… First the parents  had to sign the waver for safety reasons… after the wavers we watched the helpful demonstration video… and finally were ready to start!  My first game was “Climbey”.  I had a tutorial, also the staff helped me to figure out walking and climbing techniques.  After playing “Climbey”, I choose a game where you pick a song and with your controllers you bump to the beat of the song – I chose “Shake it off” By Taylor Swift. It was a good exercise. My  about an hour experience felt like ten minutes…

CTRL-V address in Waterloo : 170 Columbia St W Suite #5, Waterloo, ON N2L 3L3

By Anna Sophia

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