All Aboard! The Allegro Train!

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The East and West are about to get even closer. Starting December 12th, the new high-speed Allegro Train from Helsinki, Finland to St. Petersburg, Russia will take travellers to the old imperial capital in just three and a half hours.


Starting December 12th, the new Allegro train between Helsinki and St. Petersburg will cut travel time between the two cities by a third. With a top speed of 220 km/h (close to 140 miles/hour), the technically advanced trains as well as faster border procedures and an upgraded line service will shave two hours off the duration of the journey.

Seating 344 passengers in First and Second classes, the Allegro Train has been planned keeping those with specific needs in mind. Areas are available for passengers needing wheelchairs as well as for those travelling with pets. Other amenities include a restaurant carriage, a conference compartment and a playroom for children. If you happened to leave in a rush, don’t worry. With handy services such as currency exchange and tax-free refunds onboard the trip is not only fast but also exceedingly convenient.

 A single journey ticket from Helsinki to St. Petersburg costs €84 (USD 63) in Second Class. A First Class fare costs €134 (USD 102) and includes a snack, daily newspapers and coffee or tea from a self-service counter.The Allegro departs daily from Helsinki to St. Petersburg at 10.00 am and 3.00 pm; and from St. Petersburg to Helsinki at 6.40 am and 3.25 pm. By summer 2011 the number of daily return services is expected to increase from two to four. All aboard!To find out more, visit information about travel in Finland, go to