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Summer of Space on Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre is ready for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing celebration!

With a newly discovered trove of never before seen 70 mm footage and audio recordings you now have a chance to join the Mission Control team and millions of spectators from around the world in the unforgettable moments of 1969 when they learned about the first ever steps made by a human on the Moon. And this adventure begins on May 19th when “Apollo 11:First Steps Edition” opens on the IMAX Dome screen. Continue your space explorations by visiting two special exhibits that are opening their doors: “Astronaut” and “Women in Space”. You will investigate what it takes to be a space explorer by examining the physical and psychological effects of living in microgravity and the technology used to complete a mission.

Summer of Space at Ontario Science Centre
Rocket Launch, Ontario Science Centre

“Astronaut” – new interactive and hands-on exhibition that explores many challenges and gives visitors a taste of life in outer space. Three zones are designed for various activities – “Training” is where you’ll test your skills and knowledge, “Rocket Launch” takes you inside the shuttle to feel the powers of blast off and “Space Lab” allows to explore life and science in space – how to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom and many other…

Explore life in Space at Ontario Science Centre
Space Lab at Ontario Science Centre

“Women in Space” – the exhibition tells about bright female scientists whose work helps NASA prepare for future space exploration. The exhibition celebrates people and technologies that are changing our understanding of the world around us and will sure influence youth to consider scientific and technical fields for future careers. On July 20th, the Science Centre commemorates the 50th anniversary of Moon landing with special programming, featuring Canadian astronauts.

Roberta Bondar, May 16th 2019, Ontario Science Centre
Roberta Bondar, Canadian Astronaut, at Ontario Science Centre

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