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Caribbean Postcards

Postcard Collecting- Deltiology-Tropical Island Postcard

Postcard Collecting-Deltiology- hobby of postcard collecting It seems that the old hobby of Postcard collecting ( Deltiology)  and postcards exchange is still alive , although passed through turbulent times, and evolved into club activity.  After some research we found more than eighty active postcard clubs around the world. Please send your Postcard Collectors Club info […]

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Ctrl – V Experience in Waterloo, Ontario

Virtual Reality experience in CTRL-V, Waterloo, Ontario As soon as we knew that we are going to CTRL-V we were so impatient that could not wait for 8 pm! The dinner took so long… Finally at 8:10 pm we arrived at Ctrl-V  – Canada’s first virtual reality arcade that was opened in Waterloo just recently. […]

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Family trip to African Lion Safari

First opened its doors to the visitors in 1969 , since than African Lion Safari went through a lot expansions and animal additions… About 6,000 visitors come here daily to see the exotic animals that are roaming free in the fields or just enjoying the warm summer day in their artfully created habitats on land and […]

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Toyota Cambridge Assembly Plant Tour

Toyota Cambridge Assembly Plant tour It all started with the usual long, one-hour drive out of Toronto, but soon we were there. As we headed in to the visitor centre of Toyota Cambridge Assembly Plant we discussed our first impressions. Inside the centre we found many exhibits of the Toyota history and models of the […]

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GREAT Value: 10 Free, Affordable and Unique Tours in Britain

There are so many free or affordable walking tours to choose from in Britain, delving into subjects from literature and art, to music and LGBT heritage. Get your walking shoes on! Charles Dickens walk around London – Free App Follow the author’s footsteps around London with this app. You’ll be guided by GPS with suggestions […]

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Born to rule – explore the castles and palaces where royal British children spent their childhoods

Born to rule – explore the castles and palaces where royal British children spent their childhoods Sandringham Estate holds many memories for the Royal Family. It is a favourite retreat of The Queen, and the late Princess Diana was born in a cottage located in the estate’s extensive grounds. Prince Charles had many childhood adventures […]

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Britain’s Parks and Gardens

OVERSEAS VISITORS TO BRITAIN’S PARKS AND GARDENS SPEND £7.8 BILLION 07/06/2013 19:01 With the sunny weather set to continue and Britain’s gardens well and truly in bloom, the national tourism agency has released research which reveals that a staggering £7.8 billion was spent by tourists enjoying a garden in the UK, with a large chunk […]

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Explore the places baby British royals spent their childhoods

  Born to rule – explore the places baby British royals spent their childhoods 31/05/2013 06:06   The royal baby soon to be born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will likely spend a great deal of his or her childhood at London’s Kensington Palace where the Duke and Duchess are due to move […]

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Cambridge welcomes its Royal namesakes…

Cambridge welcomes its Royal namesakes On 28 November, nineteen months almost to the day since they were married, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make their first royal visit together to city that gave them their official title. VisitBritain takes a look at some of Cambridge’s star attractions and offers tips on places to […]

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