Day: July 30, 2010

Quebec by the sea… IMAGES WORTH SHARING!

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Montserrat on Simon Seeks

Montserrat on Simon Seeks Check out the link below which is the Montserrat travel guide on the popular travel website Simon Seeks. This was done by UK journalist Judith Baker who was hosted on a day trip by the  Montserrat Tourist Board in November 2009. The guide is now #1 of the 58 Caribbean Guides […]

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Grenada, a Green Destination for the Eco-Conscious

Media Contacts: Maureen Wright; Phone: 800-387-1399/416-440-2500; Fax: 416-440-2504 Grenada, a Green Destination for the Eco-Conscious July 29, 2010. (Grenada, W.I.)–For the environmentally conscious traveler, Grenada is the perfect vacation option, with many hiking trails, pristine beaches, rainforests, waterfalls and sustainable activities to take-part in. One of the gems of the Caribbean, Grenada is a part […]

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