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Deltiology (from Greek δελτίον, deltion, diminutive of δέλτος, deltos, “writing tablet, letter”; and -λογία, -logia) is the study and collection of postcards

It seems that the old hobby of Postcard collecting ( Deltiology)  and postcards exchange is still alive , although passed through turbulent times, and evolved into club activity.  After some research we found more than eighty active postcard clubs around the world. Please send your Postcard Collectors Club info If it is not listed on our site.

Lots of people collect postcards with collage views of Towns/Cities.

Antigua W.I. Collectible Postcard ANU4601,  size 153mm * 102mm ( 6" x 4")
Caribbean Postcard Antigua

Others collect one view of natuare, preferably without people.

Anguilla B.W.I.
Devils Bridge, Antigua Postcard
Devil’s Bridge, Antigua


There are postcards with Famous Touristic Attractions, like this 3D Postcard with “Maho Beach” in Sint Maarten.

Sint Maarten
3D view of Maho Beach in Sint Maarten

There are enthusiasts who collect only UNESCO World Heritage sites, like this “Pitons National Park” in Saint Lucia

St. Lucia Postcard
Saint Lucia Postcard

Nelson’s Dockyard” National Park in Antigua, postcard


Nelsons Dockyard
Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua

Colectible postcards from Caribbean Region produced by Kimagic since 1999.

On our website you can find images of Postcards from Caribbean region published by KiMAGIC.

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